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Cellex-C is the original patented formulation that pioneered the worldwide interest in the topical application of Vitamin C. Regular use of Cellex-C will help to reduce the visible signs of aging caused by the destructive forces of oxyradicals. Designed by dermatologists to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, Cellex-C products cause the skin to gradually appear firmer and smoother with improved color, tone, and texture.

The Cellex-C patented formula of Zinc, Tyrosine, L-Ascorbic acid, in Bio-flavonoids, have been medically tested and shown to help repair and improve aging skin due to free-radical attack. Cellex-C has incorporated many of the OPC antioxidants into the Advanced Cellex-C product lines in an attempt to provide our customer with the best possible anti-aging products on the market.

Cellex-C products should be used only once every 24 hours, preferably in the morning. The products contain strong amounts of vitamin C, so using more than the recommended amount will not speed up or enhance the effects. In fact, if too much is used the skin could become irritated. Make an important note to remember that the skinís surface should be totally dry before applying any Cellex-C product, otherwise you may notice a strong tingling sensation.

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NOTE: Cellex-C products cannot be shipped outside the United States of America.

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