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Blomdahl, the caring earring company, gives a second chance to those who suffer from nickel allergy. Wear Earrings Again! Guaranteed! Now anyone with a nickel allergy, eczema or sensitive skin concerns can wear fashionable nickel-free earrings with Blomdahl caring earrings.

Titanium is a metal alloy with the least trace of nickel particles. This means that little or no nickel is released into the bloodstream. Most prone to a nickel allergy are able to wear fashionable titanium earrings.

Our Titanium earrings are made with homogeneous medical grade titanium. This is the same grade titanium used for surgical implants. Nickel allergy sufferers who are having difficulty with gold earrings can almost always wear our titanium earrings.  In its natural state, the bezel and post have the look of high quality platinum or choose gold plated titanium for a different fashion look.

Blomdahl earrings also come in medical plastic for those with the most severe nickel allergies.  Our Medical Plastic earrings are truly nickel free. They are the world’s only 0% nickel earrings. They are also latex free. There is 35 years experience with this material being non-reactive in the human body.

Blomdahl Caring Earrings combine classic beauty and medical materials. The materials, production methods and designs have been selected with equal care. Only the finest quality Swarovski crystals are used. Twelve facets create reflections and refractions resembling those of precious stones and diamonds. The simulated pearls have natural colours and lustre.

Blomdahl Caring Earrings – an equal share of beauty and care.

As always, our earrings are sold by the pair and include backs.

NOTE: These products may NOT be returned. Please make your selections carefully.

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