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Scalp Care

Dry, itchy, or scaly scalp conditions can usually be controlled with high strength medicated shampoos.

Medicated shampoos like Del-Ray Ala-Seb and Ala-Seb T contain maximum strength active ingredients that are known to reduce flaky and itchy scalp conditions.  Regular use of maximum strength medicated shampoo can help control many scalp conditions without having to get a prescription product.

It is important to know the different scalp conditions and symptoms so you can choose the right medicated shampoos.

Common Scalp Conditions:
  • Dandruff: Dry scalp with scaling and flaking but no redness
  • Seborrhea: Oiliness of skin, especially of the scalp and face
  • Seborrhic Dermatitis: People with seborrhea develop redness and scaling of scalp from yeast-like organism present.
  • Psoriasis: Inflamed skin produces red, thickened areas with silvery scales and tough patches on scalp. Psoriasis should be diagnosis by your doctor.

Choosing the Right Medicated Shampoo:
The key factor in choosing the right medicated non-prescription shampoo is the severity of the condition. Most dry, itchy scalp conditions can be controlled with maximum strength ingredients like 2% Collodial Sulfur and 2% Salicylic Acid found in Del-Ray Ala-Seb shampoo. Salicylic Acid helps to remove present scale and prevent future scaling. Sulfur is known to combat yeast-like organism and possibly reduce irritation and redness associated with seborrehic dermatitis.

Key Point: Over-the-counter dandruff shampoos only prevent future scaling. You must use other active ingredients like Salicylic Acid to remove scales present at the time.

Tougher scalp conditions like scalp psoriasis usually respond to stronger medicated shampoo also containing active ingredient Coal Tar. Shampoo containing high strength of tar is known to reduce tough, thick plagues and silvery scaling present in scalp psoriasis. Del-Ray Ala-Seb T contains maximum strength 5% Coal Tar to help control thick, scaly patches and silver scale. It is one of a few shampoos that has maximum strength 5% Coal Tar. Del-Ray Ala-Seb T is formulated to minimize any scent from tar and and gentle enough to use daily.
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