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Tinted Sunscreen

Even though you know you should never skip sunscreen, layering on your moisturizer, SPF, and foundation or BB cream can be time consuming. Most of us donít want to forgo hydration or coverage, so sun protection often gets left behind in the morning rush. But thatís a mistake: Applying (and reapplying!) sunscreen is the single most important thing you can do to protect yourself against skin cancer and keep your skin looking youthful.

The most effective SPF is one that fits into your lifestyle, because itís the best way to ensure it will make its way into your routine. This is where tinted sunscreens come in handy, since they offer some coverage while providing SPF protection - cutting out the need for additional products. While makeup with SPF might help shield your skin from the sun, thatís only the case if you apply enough (at least half a teaspoon), and ďthere are not consistent regulations when it comes to foundations with SPF.

If you donít want to wear makeup but still want enough coverage, the best skin-care products are multi-functional. Tinted sunscreens allow you to layer on additional products if you want to, but they donít look or feel cakey - a total win during the humid summer months. If you prefer more coverage, consider the tinted sunscreen your makeup primer.
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