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Pyratine LLC, the worldwide leader in cytokinin discoveries, fosters ongoing scientific research of cytokinins’ beneficial effects on human skin cells, most recently discovering most advanced class of cytokinins, furfuryl tetrahydropyranyl adenine, the active found in the Pyratine® line of products; this new and advanced cytokinin possesses unparalleled anti-inflammatory properties, significantly reducing erythema and inflammatory lesions. Pyratine® (furfuryl tetrahydropyranyl adenine) was also proven to be a powerful anti-aging compound, rapidly and effectively ameliorating the signs of photodamaged skin.
Item Code:PYRN-104
Packaging:2.5 oz (71 g)
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Item Code:PYRN-101
Packaging:2 oz (59 ml)
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Item Code:PYRN-606
Packaging:4 fl oz (118 ml)
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