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eraclea Skin Care

eraclea Skin Care

The science behind eraclea skin care begins with the HylaSponge System.
The eracleaŽ line of products ushers in a new era in skin care, an era in which medical research is applied to the science of younger looking skin.

Proper skin care begins with good hydration. Long lasting hydration is essential for healthy, younger looking skin, and eracleaŽ products are formulated to provide this benefit for your skin.

All eracleaŽ formulations contain a new, proprietary ingredient, scientifically designed to maintain the hydration that helps retain the youthful appearance of the skin. This efficacious ingredient is the result of a half-century of research. Its earlier forms were successfully used in medical and cosmetic applications. A carefully crafted combination of hyaluronic acid sponges and hyaluronic acids of various molecular weights, called the HylaSpongeŽSystem, is the key to the eracleaŽ hydrating properties.

Each eracleaŽ product features the HylaSpongeŽSystem in combination with select antioxidants, vitamins, peptides and botanicals, all chosen for their functionality within the formulations.

A new era in skin care begins with eracleaŽ, and eracleaŽ begins with the HylaSpongeŽSystem.

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