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The fundamental science behind the Epicuren Discovery® Enzyme technology is derived from pharmaceutical enzyme research performed 30 years ago on severely scarred burn victims. After observing the results achieved on traumatized skin through this technology, Epicuren realized its potential for achieving and maintaining healthy, non-traumatized skin. We took the core theory behind its success and created the Metadermabolic Enzyme Protein Complex.

Throughout our lives, the inside of our mouths never show signs of aging. This is made possible because of a unique protein enzyme solution found in the cheek's lining. This enzyme solution allows the mouth to heal rapidly when damaged and to resist the effects of aging. When microscopically analyzed, scientists discovered these enzymes offered a natural and constant cellular regeneration: the ageless skin cell. Epicuren products work together to create this same ageless environment on the skin's surface, resulting in a profound aesthetic improvement.

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