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RevitaLash® Cosmetics is a Physician developed, award-winning collection of premium beauty solutions designed to revitalize and enhance the health and natural beauty of lashes, brows and hair. A supporter of breast cancer awareness, research, and education initiatives, RevitaLash® Cosmetics gives back to the breast cancer community year-round, not just in October.

Item Code:RVL-2042
Packaging:0.5 fl oz (15 ml)
Our Price:$45.50
Retail Price:$65.00
Save 30%$19.50
2 Reviews
Item Code:RVL-0118
Packaging:0.118 fl oz (3.5 ml)
Our Price:$121.60
Retail Price:$152.00
Save 20%$30.40
Item Code:RVL-0328
Packaging:.01 oz (0.3 g)
Our Price:$19.60
Retail Price:$28.00
Save 30%$8.40
Item Code:RVL-2029
Packaging:0.36 fl oz (11mL) & 0.18 fl oz (5.5mL)
Our Price:$24.15
Retail Price:$34.50
Save 30%$10.35
Item Code:RVL-2063
Packaging:0.25 fl oz (7.4 ml)
Our Price:$22.40
Retail Price:$32.00
Save 30%$9.60
Item Code:RVL-2071
Packaging:0.005 oz (0.14 g)
Our Price:$21.00
Retail Price:$30.00
Save 30%$9.00
Item Code:RVL-2072
Packaging:0.005 oz (0.14 g)
Our Price:$21.00
Retail Price:$30.00
Save 30%$9.00
1 Review
Item Code:RVL-2004
Packaging:3.3 fl oz (100 ml)
Our Price:$25.20
Retail Price:$36.00
Save 30%$10.80
Item Code:RVL-2005
Packaging:1 Piece
Our Price:$17.50
Retail Price:$25.00
Save 30%$7.50
Item Code:RVL-2050
Packaging:1 Piece
Our Price:$14.00
Retail Price:$20.00
Save 30%$6.00
Item Code:RVL-2123
Packaging:1 Set
Our Price:$119.63
Retail Price:$159.50
Save 25%$39.87