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Lifeline Skin Care

"Out with the old skin cells, in with the new, young, healthy skin cells."

Lifeline stem cell creams are the only products in the world that contain human, non-embryonic stem cell extracts. Lifeline Skin Care is a revolutionary skin care line featuring clinical-strength treatments designed to improve aging skin. Based on formulas developed by world-renowned Russian scientist Dr. Elena Revazova, this line of creams, serums and eye complexes uses advanced non-embryonic stem cells and human growth factors to increase cellular growth, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.

Lifeline is the only skin care with advanced small molecule technology and powerful peptides extracted from non-embryonic human stem cells, fused with nutrients to help smooth, hydrate, and lift with lasting results. This amazing stem cell technology helps regenerate, renew and repair your skin - so it looks like it did when you were younger.
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