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Since its creation in 1948, the TALIKA laboratories have been developing original and effective products that suit women's needs perfectly.

Today, Talika proposes original and effective solutions to eye care, hand care and nail care concerns. All products are clinically tested for efficacy at Laboratoire GREDECO, an independent institution attached to Hospital Pitie-Salpetriere in Paris, France.
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Item Code:TLK-GIFT
Packaging:3.4 fl oz (100 ml)
Retail Price: $24.00
Item Code:TLK-021004
Packaging:2-Piece Set
Our Price:$55.30
Retail Price:$79.00
Save 30%$23.70
Item Code:TLK-020003
Packaging:1 Mask
Our Price:$8.40
Retail Price:$12.00
Save 30%$3.60
Item Code:TLK-110005
Packaging:0.063 oz (1.8 ml)
Our Price:$33.60
Retail Price:$48.00
Save 30%$14.40
Item Code:TLK-115109
Packaging:0.17 oz (5 ml)
Our Price:$42.00
Retail Price:$60.00
Save 30%$18.00
Item Code:TLK-140002
Packaging:0.51 oz (15 ml)
Our Price:$39.90
Retail Price:$57.00
Save 30%$17.10
Item Code:TLK-220001
Packaging:0.34 fl oz (10 ml)
Our Price:$23.80
Retail Price:$34.00
Save 30%$10.20
Item Code:TLK-072007
Packaging:0.34 oz(10 ml)
Our Price:$41.30
Retail Price:$59.00
Save 30%$17.70
Item Code:TLK-551295
Packaging:2 x (0.28 fl oz / 8.5 ml)
Our Price:$69.30
Retail Price:$99.00
Save 30%$29.70
Item Code:TLK-332006
Packaging:1 fl oz (30 ml)
Our Price:$37.10
Retail Price:$53.00
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Item Code:TLK-920004
Packaging:0.3 fl oz (10 ml )
Our Price:$42.00
Retail Price:$60.00
Save 30%$18.00
Item Code:TLK-910005
Packaging:0.34 oz (10 ml)
Retail Price: $45.00
Out of Stock
Item Code:TLK-970009
Packaging:2 x (0.28 fl oz / 8.5 ml)
Retail Price: $122.00
Out of Stock
Item Code:TLK-100003
Packaging:3.4 fl oz (100 ml)
Our Price:$18.90
Retail Price:$27.00
Save 30%$8.10