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Dark Under-Eye Circles

There are many contributing factors that make dark circles around the eyes more noticeable. These include:
  • Age - The skin thins as we age.  With the skin being thinner the blood vessels underneath become more apparent.

  • Allergies - Although allergies are often the blame for dark circles, anything that causes chronic nasal obstruction can be a culprit.

  • Diet - Drinking caffeinated beverages

  • Fatigue - Due to lack of sleep

  • Heredity - Tendencies such as allergies or weak capillaries pass on from generation to generation

  • Overexposure - Caused by the sun

  • Natural pigment - commoner in those of Asian, Indian or Mediterranean descent

  • De-oxygenation of the blood vessels which makes the blood less pink/more blue - Occurs when you are in an upright position for a long time and is often seen in people who are tired

  • Menstruation

  • Pregnancy

  • Smoking
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