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Gift Baskets / Kits / Sets

Celebrate any occasion in style. Perfectly paired and packaged, choose from any of these best-ever sets for everyone on your list, including yourself.
Item Code:CC-K5001
Packaging:1 Set
Retail Price:$105.00
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Item Code:CC-K5019
Packaging:1 Set
Retail Price:$121.00
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Item Code:DDF-0515
Packaging:1 System
Retail Price: $45.00
Item Code:DDF-0737
Packaging:1 System
Our Price:$71.10
Retail Price:$79.00
Save 10%$7.90
Item Code:GLO-EYE-KIT1
Packaging:0.22 oz (6.4 g)
Our Price:$18.50
Retail Price:$37.00
Save 50%$18.50
Item Code:GLO-7527
Packaging:4 Sticks
Our Price:$20.00
Retail Price:$40.00
Save 50%$20.00
Item Code:GLO-90173
Packaging:1 Kit
Our Price:$30.00
Retail Price:$60.00
Save 50%$30.00
Item Code:GLO-3043
Packaging:1 Collection
Our Price:$32.00
Retail Price:$64.00
Save 50%$32.00
Item Code:GLO-BR-KIT
Packaging:1 Roll + 11 Brushes
Our Price:$85.00
Retail Price:$170.00
Save 50%$85.00
Item Code:TW-10871-MG
Packaging:1 Kit
Our Price:$22.50
Retail Price:$30.00
Save 25%$7.50
Item Code:TW-72031-MG
Our Price:$13.50
Retail Price:$18.00
Save 25%$4.50