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GLO Eye Shadow

The most delicate area of the face gets an equally gentle formulation. These high pigment eye shadows enable flawless, non-sensitizing application and expert shading and contour. By using only the highest grade ingredients, skin soothing antioxidants and natural minerals, Glo delivers rich pigments and hues that are good for the skin.
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Item Code:GLO-EY07
Packaging:0.8 oz
Our Price:$9.50
Retail Price:$19.00
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Item Code:GLO-EY09
Packaging:0.12 oz (3.4 g)
Our Price:$15.00
Retail Price:$30.00
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Item Code:GLO-7700
Packaging:0.049 oz (1.4 g)
Our Price:$10.00
Retail Price:$20.00
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Item Code:GLO-3043
Packaging:1 Collection
Our Price:$24.98
Retail Price:$64.00
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Item Code:GLO-7050
Packaging:1.109 g
Our Price:$12.25
Retail Price:$24.50
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Item Code:GLO-BR17
Packaging:1 Piece
Our Price:$10.50
Retail Price:$21.00
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Item Code:GLO-BR29
Packaging:1 Piece
Our Price:$7.00
Retail Price:$14.00
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