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GLO Base Basics

Glo bases are formulated using powerful pharmaceutical-grade antioxidants, natural, high-pigment minerals and broad spectrum UV protection. These products are designed to deliver a flawless complexion while improving the health and appearance of the skin and protecting it from the outside - in.
Item Code:GLO-120-X
Packaging:0.37 oz (10.5 g)
Our Price:$22.00
Retail Price:$44.00
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Our Price:$26.00
Retail Price:$52.00
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Our Price:$31.20
Retail Price:$52.00
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Item Code:GLO-160-X
Packaging:1.4 oz
Retail Price: $46.00
Out of Stock
Our Price:$24.00
Retail Price:$48.00
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Item Code:GLO-BS9-X
Packaging:0.11 oz (3.1 g)
Our Price:$16.00
Retail Price:$32.00
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Item Code:GLO-BR06
Packaging:1 Piece
Retail Price: $40.00
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Item Code:GLO-BR02
Packaging:1 Piece
Our Price:$18.00
Retail Price:$36.00
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Item Code:GLO-BR03
Packaging:1 Piece
Our Price:$13.00
Retail Price:$26.00
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Item Code:GLO-BR04
Packaging:1 Piece
Our Price:$9.00
Retail Price:$18.00
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