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Blomdahl Medical Plastic Earrings - Daisy 5mm (Peridot/Crystal)

Blomdahl Medical Plastic Earrings - Daisy 5mm (Peridot/Crystal)

Item Code:BL-0114-44
Packaging:1 Pair
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Our Price:$28.00
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Blomdahl Medical Plastic - earrings with 0% nickel.

These earrings are produced in well tested medical qualities of plastic. Therefore these earrings contain 0% nickel and are recommended for children and for those who have particularly sensitive skin and absolutely want to avoid nickel.

We have taken the material used in surgical sutures and hardened it. There is over 35 years of experience showing that this material is non-reactive in the human body. All stones are beautiful Swarovski crystals.

Worry free, nickel free fashionable earrings. Ideal for those with Nickel Dermatitis.

Beautiful Swarovski stones are set in the safest earring possible. Medical Plastic contains 0% nickel, assuring that even people with severe nickel allergy can wear earrings again!


Clean Pack: Blomdahl Caring Jewelry always come in a Clean Pack - a transparent bubble where the earrings are hygienically packed. The label is Blomdahl's seal which guarantees that the customer is the first person to come into contact with the earrings.


NOTE: These products may NOT be returned. Please make your selections carefully.