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Makucell is a life science company that utilizes an innovative proprietary regenerative medicine technology to address aging skin, hair and nails in an entirely new way. Using a patent-pending new molecule, Asymmtate, Makucell has developed non-prescription products that work with the skin's own stem cells to produce healthier and more youthful appearing skin. Makucell is introducing the Renewnt™ (pronounced “Re-new-int”) brand of products based on its proprietary technology.

  • Replenishes skin stems cells, keratinocytes, fibroblasts and other dermal cells
  • Produces collagen, elastic tissue, matrix and other substances to foster a more healthy, rejuvenated appearing skin
  • Nonmutagenic, nonirritating, and nonsensitizing
  • Industry standard skin and ocular safety tests were all negative to product exposure
  • Penetrates into and through human epidermis and dermis and remains active