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Practice Healthy Nail Habits

Here are 5 easy steps to follow for strong, healthy, beautiful nails:
  1. MOISTURIZE  Be sure to moisturize your hands every time you expose them to water or harsh elements. Cold, dry winter weather, repeated exposure to water, and excessive contact with detergents can easily damage nails. Apply moisturizer, such as an alpha hydroxy acid formula, regularly and remember to massage the cream into your cuticles.

  2. AVOID PHYSICAL DAMAGE  We often subject our nails to unnecessary damage, such as biting our nails and cuticles and picking off nail polish. If your nails are already weak or thin, these bad habits will only cause more harm.

  3. TRIM AND FILE PROPERLY  The best time to cut or trim your nails is after bathing, because the nails will be softer. Nails have a greater chance of breaking and chipping if they are cut while dry and brittle. Additionally, if your nails are already fragile, they'll fare better if kept shorter. And remember, always file nails in the same direction.

  4. MINIMIZE THE USE OF NAIL POLISH REMOVER  All nail polish removers are rough on nails. Try not to use remover more than once a week.  The less often, the better.

  5. BEGIN EVERY DAY WITH A SUPPLEMENT  Eat a well-balanced diet and take a supplement with Biotin daily. Good nutrition is important for a healthy body and healthy nails. By supplementing a balanced diet with a supplement, your nails will receive all the necessary building blocks for ultimate strength and natural beauty - from the inside out!