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Jane Iredale Liquid Mineral Application

You will soon see how Liquid Minerals™ gives meaningful coverage while looking sheer and moist, as well as minimizing pores and fine lines. Please be sure to read the Application Notes below.  You will find many ways of using Liquid Minerals™, but these applications suggestions will help you to get started.

Liquid Minerals™ Application

Liquid Minerals™ application is simple. owever, you will want to experiment with your own way of applying it keeping in mind that different application techniques bring different results.

Because we have used self-focusing minerals, you will find that Liquid Minerals™ adapts to individual skin tones. The effect is like watching a Polaroid develop before your eyes. Make sure you have let Liquid Minerals dry before you judge the color. Always test the shade on the face. It will look different on different parts of the body as it reacts to skin color and type of skin. One color will suit a number of different complexion colors.

It is important NOT to think of this as a traditional liquid makeup. Liquid Minerals™ is an advanced liposome technology.  The large liposomes that you see suspended in the gel are broken down as they are pumped through a screen in the bottle. The microscopic liposomes surrounding them are broken down through manipulation on the skin and body heat. That is the way they release their active ingredients. You may need to adjust the amount of moisturizer you use under Liquid Minerals™ because of its own inherent moisturizing properties.

With every new container of Liquid Minerals™, your first few pumps will be primarily gel as the minerals are released into it. This will only happen once, then the mousse will be consistently even. Rub the gel into your hands - it's good for them!

Jane Iredale Liquid Minerals are definitely different than the powder and they are different than any other liquid foundation in the market. They are dispensed like a hair mousse and have to be worked into the skin. The mousse has to be emulsified (manually broken down and mixed together) first. Unlike the powder, the liquid must then be lightly spread onto the skin much like a gel moisturizer.

There are several methods of application:
  • Cosmetic sponge
  • Liquid makeup brush
  • Fingers

Cosmetic Sponge or Brush
Pump mousse onto a spatula or back of hand and pick up with sponge or brush. A dry sponge will give more coverage, a wet one more sheer coverage. Apply it to one area of the face at a time.  You will have plenty of manipulation time before it sets. Once set, you may apply another layer if needed. Don't be afraid to use it around the eyes as a concealer. It will also minimize fine lines. Use it on eye lids, too, for the perfect base for eye shadows.

For complete coverage and sun protection, brush our mineral powders on top.

Pump mousse onto a spatula or back of hand. Apply the mousse the way you would a moisturize. When applying it on yourself, use both hands. Let it set and then apply another layer if needed. Brush mineral powders on top for more coverage.

More Tips
For oily skin, use very little, if any, moisturizer before application. Apply over the nose and other oily areas to minimize large pores. Brush or roll pressed PureMatte Finish Powder with a sponge to reduce shine and absorb oil, then dust with PurePressed Base over the entire face for an SPF 17 finish.

For a young-hand look, rub Liquid Minerals™ on the back of the hands to minimize redness, veins and age spots.

You may use the liquid to highlight the center facial triangle. Apply Liquid Minerals™ all over the face. Use a darker mineral powder base on the sides and neck.

To blend a tanned chest, apply one of our bronzers on the outside perimeter of the face and neck.

Use the Camouflage brush as a small liquid foundation brush for areas round the lip and nose. Finish with a sponge.

For camera work, use PurePressed Base Light Beige over the liquid around the eyes in place of concealer. It will stay matte all day and give a brightness to the eyes.

Liquid Minerals™ gives the ultimate foundation for any makeup look.