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Jane Iredale Brush Cleaning Instructions

Iredale Mineral Cosmetics recommends that you wash your new brushes before use. Cleanse brushes with our Brush Shampoo and Conditioner and water, or a mild hair shampoo and conditioner free of wax-coating agents, chemical dyes, and strong perfumes. This will maintain the integrity, structure, and softness of the natural hair and its performance in application.

Place a small amount of shampoo in the palm of your hand. Wet the brush with warm water and massage the shampoo gently through the brush by stroking the brush back and forth in your hand. Remember never leave brushes to soak in water as this may negatively affect the ferrule and handle.

Rinse the brush in warm water until all shampoo residue has been removed.

If you are not using our Brush Shampoo and Conditioner you will need to condition your brushes with a small amount of hair conditioner. Follow the above instructions for cleansing. Allow brushes to air dry.