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Information on Topix Citrix Antioxidant Serum with Growth Factor

Citrix™ Antioxidant Serum

With Growth Factor TGF-Beta-1


§        What are the beneficial skin care properties for the addition of liposome encapsulated TGF-Beta-1 to the Citrix Antioxidant Serum formulation?

L-ascorbic acid has been reported to help stimulate collagen production. TGF-Beta-1 is documented in medical literature as a chemical messenger which triggers the cell to repair itself.  Encapsulation in a liposome helps it penetrate quickly and deposit where it can signal cellular repair.

§        Why is the TGF-Beta-1 the optimum growth factor that was chosen for addition to the Citrix formula?

TGF-Beta-1 has shown clinical efficacy with regard to cellular renewal and is not the type of growth factor that promotes cellular division or proliferation.  Growth factors which trigger proliferation have been associated with tumor growth.  TGF-Beta-1 has an excellent safety and efficacy record.

§        How do growth factors work in enhancing texture and tone of the skin?

TGF-Beta-1 sends a chemical message to the cell signaling it to begin the repair process.  When the cell repairs itself, it will be able to make a better copy of itself when it comes time to divide.  TGF-Beta-1 is being used to formulate drugs for wound healing and tissue repair by making use of this property.

§        Are there any irritation or side effect issues to be concerned with in using liposome encapsulated TGF-Beta-1 Growth Factor?

No, TGF-Beta-1 was specially selected for its safety and efficacy record.  TGF-Beta-1 is not an irritant.

§        Are there any product stability concerns with L-ascorbic acid being combined with Growth Factor TGF-Beta-1?  Product color changes, smells, breakdown etc.?

The breakdown by-products of L-ascorbic acid are dark brown in color.  If the product were ever to darken the color of a manila file folder the L-ascorbic acid level would begin to approach about 90% of the label claimed amount.  Our stability studies have shown excellent results and there should not be any significant change in the product throughout its use cycle.

§        How long do patients need to use the Cirtix Serum with TGF-Beta-1 before noticing beneficial results to the skin?

Beneficial results can be noticed after a couple of applications.  After a couple weeks, the effects are more dramatic.  It is also important to keep in mind the photo-protective effects of the vitamin C.  Studies show a reduction in the amount of sunburn cells formed in the skin after UV exposure and a decrease in erythema normally associated with UV exposure.