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Here's Our Two Cents About Copper

Not All Copper Ingredients Yield The Same Results.

For example, copper salts and random amino acid sequences in a formulation are not true, complexed copper peptides, but just plain copper salts and peptides or proteins mixed together.  It takes a special process and the correct amino acid chain to formulate the copper peptide most closely resembling one of the body's own natural copper carrier systems.

Neova's GHK copper and AHK copper, which are protected by Neova's patents, are the only true copper peptides on the market.  GHK is one of the body's natural carriers of coppers.  Using advanced pharmaceutical processes, these specific amino acid chains bind the copper and protect it so that it can get to where it needs to go and then be recognized by the body as a natural transporter and release the copper; Copper salts are generally irritating and not easily utilized by the body.

Neova has over 30 years of research and development behind the GHK copper peptide complex used in Neova® Therapy and Complex Cu3® products.  The data supporting the improved wound healing outcomes as well as the dramatic improvement in fine lines and wrinkles are specific to studies using GHK:Cu copper.

Check your label and look for Prezatide Copper Acetate, Copper Tripeptide-1 or Alanine/Histidine/Lysine Polypeptide Copper HCl.  Real copper peptide products are "true blue".

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