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Face Wipes

A water-free way to wash your face on the go, perfect for travelling, freshening up during a music festival, or post-gym. To prevent irritations or even causing breakouts, it's important to use your wipe from the forehead down to the jaw so that you don't end up redistributing oil and bacteria around your face and causing breakouts. Finish wiping at your nose, as it's one of the grimiest parts of the face.
Item Code:CP-8308
Packaging:60 Pads
Our Price:$37.50
Retail Price:$50.00
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Item Code:JJ-218-101
Packaging:60 Pads
Our Price:$52.50
Retail Price:$75.00
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Item Code:LEMX-1202
Packaging:30 Pads + 2 oz Solution
Retail Price: $30.00
Item Code:LEMX-1201
Packaging:30 Pads + 2 oz Solution
Retail Price: $30.00
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Item Code:LML-140
Packaging:45 Pads
Our Price:$22.50
Retail Price:$45.00
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Item Code:OBMD-6052
Packaging:25 Wipes
Our Price:$17.00
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Item Code:TP-820
Packaging:60 Pads
Our Price:$33.32
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Item Code:TP-923
Packaging:60 Pads
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Item Code:TP-901
Packaging:60 Pads
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Item Code:TP-902
Packaging:60 Pads
Our Price:$25.50
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Item Code:TP-903
Packaging:60 Pads
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Item Code:TP-711
Packaging:60 Pads
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Packaging:60 Pads
Our Price:$21.42
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