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Blomdahl Natural Earrings - Matte Finish

Titanium, the safest metal earrings, is a bio-compatible material, i.e. it is well accepted by the body and is thus finding increasing use within the medical sector. Our earrings are made from selected qualities of medical grade titanium. All metals contain at least trace amounts of nickel as impurities. Titanium is the safest of all metals because it binds what little nickel is present extremely well.  In other words, little or no nickel is released into the blood stream.  Titanium can be tolerated by most everyone.  The titanium quality that is used for Blomdahl Caring Earrings contains as little as less than 0.05% nickel. Since titanium also binds nickel firmly it is a great material for people with very sensitive skin.

Titanium is naturally a white metal. These earrings have the look of lightly polished silver platinum.

Blomdahl's Natural Titanium Earrings have the look of a white setting, such as silver or platinum, but have the unsurpassable safety of Titanium.