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Control hair loss with the energizing power of Triamino Copper Complex

You deserve a healthy head of hair, and Tricomin Clinical can help you achieve it. Scientifically crafted for both men and women, the Tricomin Clinical hair care line is formulated with Triamino Copper Complex™ - a patented blend of copper and essential amino acids that target skin and hair health to restore natural balance and vitality to those who struggle with thin or thinning hair, hair loss due to breakage and damaged hair.

Tricomin Clinical body-building products are all carefully formulated to work together, so you can get the best results possible. What can you expect? Healthier hair and a revitalized scalp, improved follicle stamina, new behavior patterns with volume characteristics like fuller, thicker hair, and long lasting shine.

3 Things You Need to Know:
  • We are focused on the scalp because it has largely been ignored, even though excessive shedding is, in fact, caused by poorly functioning follicles just beneath the scalp’s surface.

  • We're targeting and enhancing localized micro-circulation to deliver nutrients and oxygen to underperforming follicles. The results: more follicles in the growing phase, each producing thicker strands for a longer period of time.

  • We skin-ified haircare. And just as in skincare, science makes all the difference and widens the gap between the conventional haircare and the unconventional like Tricomin Clinical.
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