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Don't leave the appearance of your scar to chance! Don't just hide your scar, help it look better!

Using ScarGuard
To improve the appearance of both old and new scars from surgery, cuts, burns, stitches, scrapes and falls, simple brush the clear liquid on twice a day.  You'll notice it dries in seconds to a protective film made from the same ingredients trusted by surgeons for decades.  Unlike most topical applications, the flexible film is water-resistant, nearly invisible and will not stick to clothing.

ScarGuard Is For You

The choice of thousands of plastic surgeons and dermatologists, ScarGuard is a clear liquid made from the same ingredients doctors have used for decades to improve scar appearance, soften scars and reduce scar discomfort.  Fortified with vitamin E, ScarGuard improves the appearance of raised (keloid or hypertrophic) scars - both old and new.

ScarGuard Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: ScarGuard products CANNOT be shipped outside the United States.

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