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Peter Thomas Roth FIRMA-CELL-4 Anti-Aging Cellular Collection

Peter Thomas Roth FIRMA-CELL-4 Anti-Aging Cellular Collection

PTR FIRMA-CELL-4 is the new, advanced peptide-based complex containing four 100% active, anti-aging peptides to reduce the severity of deep wrinkles and fine lines. Laser, injection and toxin-free, this exclusive U. S. Patent-Pending technology is the effortless, affordable solution to removing and reducing signs of aging...right now.

Four times as many deep wrinkle-diffusing peptides as any other skincare.

While other age-defying products contain only one peptide, every PTR FIRMA-CELL-4 treatment contains four powerful peptides at the optimal level required to significantly help improve skin's texture. This breakthrough technology combines Argireline (hexapeptide) at 5%, SYN-COLL at 3% plus a dual anti-aging peptide blend of Pentapeptide-3 and Oligopeptide that helps promote firmer, wrinkle-free skin. Working synergistically with PTR's proprietary resources of alpha and beta hydroxy acids, vitamins and botanicals, these unique complexes help decrease and ease away deep wrinkles and fine lines.

The result: the look of firmer, smoother skin.

  • PTR Firma-CELL-4 has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles 17% after just 15 days and 27% after 30 days*
  • PTR Firma-CELL-4 visibly targets facial movement-generated lines, including age-accentuating crow's feet, forehead furrows, brow and laugh lines
  • PTR Firma-CELL-4 significantly helps firm, tone, smooth, lift and clarify skin's overall appearance
  • PTR Firma-CELL-4 provides essential vitamin, minerals and amino acids to nourish skin for a hydrated, smooth-looking complexion.

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