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M2 Skin Care

M2 Skin Care

Transform your skin with the power of M2, the latest skin care collection from the makers of MaMa Lotion. M2 incorporates Mandelic and Malic Acids into each of its products. These unique Alpha Hydroxy Acids have the amazing ability to resurface your skin, eliminating acne, softening wrinkles, and lightening scars and hyperpigmentation. Known for their non-irritating nature with anti-inflammatories, this unique combination ensures maximum results with minimal irritation.

Highly Active Skin Care Line Targets Multiple Conditions
Skincare regimens often target one specific issue, or offer multiple products designed for specific tasks leading to complicated and expensive routines. Wrinkles, acne, scarring, sun damage, uneven skin tone, large pores, blackheads - these are all common skin issues, and many of us are trying to deal with several of those concerns all at once.

M2 Skin Care products utilize the multi faceted power of mandelic and malic acids in a series of easy to use, highly active products that offer potent results at a great value.

These important AHAs combined with highly effective antiflammatory botanicals work together to control oil, kill bacteria, fight free radicals, exfoliate and soften skin, tighten pores, stimulate collagen, calm redness and inflammation, and fade unwanted pigmentation. The M2 products can do all this, and do it with significantly less irritation and complication than comparable AHA or retinol routines.

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