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Jan Marini Transformation Line

Rebuild the Appearance of Aging and Sun Damaged Skin

Jan Marini Skin Research Transformation Line combines state of the art breakthrough technologies to introduce a new era in skin rejuvenation and hydration. Transformation focuses on TGF Beta-1 (Transformation Growth Factor), Thymosin Beta-4, Pentapeptides, and VGF (Vascular Epithelial Growth Factor) to bring anti-aging technology into the next generation of breakthroughs.

TGF Beta-1 is a form of cytokine technology that is believed to act as a cellular mediator by signaling certain cellular activities that are necessary for maintaining the appearance of youthful, healthy skin. In media interviews, one distinguished medical researcher has referred to TGF Beta-1 as being essential for the normal production of collagen and elastin. The researcher also believes that TGF Beta-1 may be the answer to keeping skin young indefinitely.

TGF Beta-1

Researchers became intrigued with transforming growth factors when it was discovered that lifesaving surgery performed in-utero on fetuses during the first five months after conception left absolutely no scars. Apparently, after five months' gestation the body seals wounds more rapidly but in a haphazard manner, producing a visible and often extremely unsightly mark. Injecting non-fetal wounds with solutions containing the correct balance of growth factors has been shown to produce scar-free results. Unfortunately, at this time, the quantity and cost of these growth factors makes its use in this manner almost impossible. However, further research demonstrated tremendous value for TGF Beta-1 in its ability to signal certain actions causing enhanced skin functioning when applied topically.

Even more exciting studies at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Cornell Medical College, and Jefferson Medical College have shown that TGF Beta-1 stimulates significant collagen and elastin production as well as giving supplemental support to healing factors enabling wounds to heal markedly faster. Anti-inflammatory factors also appear to be beneficially affected.

Collective scientific opinion views TGF Beta-1 as a major tool in helping to reverse the visible signs of aging.

Thymosin Beta-4 is a string of 43 amino acid peptides that assist in regulating immune cells and is also a powerful anti-inflammatory and wound healing agent. The cosmetic use of Thymosin Beta-4 in an anti-aging topical treatment is a patented technology exclusive to Jan Marini Skin Research.
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