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EltaMD Moisturizer Jar

Item Code:EMD-2522  
Packaging:3.8 oz (107 g)
Retail Price:$17.00

EltaMD Moisturizer is a unique formula that holds the skin's natural moisture and hydrates for up to 12 hours. It melts quickly (apply sparingly), spread easily and penetrates deep into cell layers, working from the inside out. Great as a nighttime moisturizer and often recommended for use in the treatment of severely dry or damaged skin, EltaMD Moisturizer relieves irritation, redness and flaking caused by some medications. Commonly used in conjunction with photodynamic therapy, safe for use around the eyes, effective in the treatment of eyelid dermatitis and used to help repair tender skin. Our unique formula is sensitivity-free, non-comedogenic, fragrance-free and preservative-free, and helps relieve symptoms of very dry, irrititated and inflexible skin.

Used by many dermatologists and plastic surgeons in connection with medical procedures including chemical peels and laser treatments, it is also recommended for use in conjunction wih medications like Retin-A, works well in the treatment of minor to severe sunburns and may be used to help relieve symptoms of eczema or atopic dermatitis.

This intense occlusive moisturizer absorbs deeply to moisturize and soothe inflamed, irritated, flaky, intact post-procedure skin. This waterless, sensitivity-free moisturizer is well tolerated on extremely sensitive skin resulting from cosmetic and medical treatments, including radiation and tretinoin regimens.

  • Quickly penetrates skin and retains over 90% of skinís moisture for at least 12 hours

  • Use as a nighttime moisturizer for all-night effectiveness

  • Use to promote healing after medical procedures, including microdermabrasion, chemical peels and laser treatments

  • Also recommended for patients using medications such as tretinoin that may cause the skin to dry, peel and flake

  • Free of fragrance, parabens and preservatives

  • Very concentrated, so use sparingly and massage gently into skin, ideally after bath or shower

  • Non-comedogenic

  • Relieves irritation, redness and flaking by creating an occlusive barrier

  • Remove excess with tissue or soft cloth

  • Moisturizes very sensitive, dry skin

  • Melts into skin cells for deep moisturizing
For best results, moisten skin first or apply immediately after bathing when skin is moist. Apply SPARINGLY and allow two minutes for penetration. If after two minutes, there is excess products on the skin, apply less next time.
Petrolatum, Paraffin, PVP Eicosene Copolymer.

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