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Chella Beautiful Brow Stencils

Item Code:CHL-500-017  
Packaging:4 Stencils
Retail Price:$15.00
Our Price:$11.25
You Saved:$3.75

Easy and fool proof stencils to give you the perfect brow for your individual style!

To guide you in creating the perfect brow, Chella has developed four templates to help you fashion a beautiful brow that is just right for you. Pick from Alluring, Sassy, Confident or Timeless Chella Stencils.

Use these specially designed stencils as your guide to applying the Chella Brow Conditioning Treatment each night. Simply hold in place, as illustrated to the right, and apply the Chella Brow Conditioning treatment where your eyebrow growth is sparse or non-existent.

While waiting for the Chella Brow Conditioning Treatment to create the perfect brow, feel free to experiment with the different brow shapes by using a Chella Brow Color pencil to fill in the area(s) where you are waiting to see improvement.

First, choose the eyebrow stencil that appeals to you. We have included four styles - Alluring, Sassy, Confident or Timeless.

Holding the stencil in place, fill in the area where you are lacking brows with the Chella Brow Full-Fillment Conditioning Treatment. Be sure to use the Conditioning Treatment every night as directed.

You will also want to use the stencil to create and enhance your brow style. Using the color pencil, with the stencils as shown below, fill in any missing area of the brow.

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