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Blue Lizard

Blue Lizard

Developed in Australia to meet the world's toughest sunscreen standards, Blue Lizard suncream uses state of the art technology to provide you with a superior suncream with a SPF 30+ rating.

Why is Blue Lizard suncream SPF 30+ the ultimate sun protection?
  • Contain clear micronized zinc oxide.  Dermatologists agree that zinc oxide is the closest thing to a total block on the market today.
  • Superior broad spectrum protection against UVB and almost all of harmful UVA light.
  • Blue Lizard suncream offers ultimate protection because it was formulated in Australia to meet the world's toughest sunscreen standards.
  • Formulation is proven to be "very water resistant" and retains a high SPF 30+ rating after 4 hours in running water (re-apply less often).  Most other sunscreen products only meet FDA requirement of SPF testing after 80 minutes in still water immersion.
  • Blue Lizard suncream is easily absorbed for quick and effective protection to help reduce the drying effects of the Australian climate.
  • Blue Lizard suncream is packaged in a unique, patented "smart bottle" technology that changes color to blue when exposed to harmful UVA rays. This gives you an extra reminder that the dangers of UV light are still present.  This is a deliberate message to reinforce the seriousness of looking after your health.

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