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Total Block

Total Block

Total Block products are unique, offering full-spectrum protection for sun sensitive individuals. Total Block provides the most complete coverage against UV light available, and is an excellent choice for those concerned about the damaging effects of the sun. No other sunscreen compares to Total Block's protective capability. Total Block is an every day necessity, not just a summer beach product.

Total Block is formulated with a multitude of ingredients to protect against light and its harmful effects. Total Block has eight dispersed highly reflective and refractive particles, ranging in controlled particle size from 10 microns down to a few nanometers (a billionth of a meter, or 32,000 particles tocover a cross section of a hair). These particles form the foundation for a wall of reflection and refraction. In addition, three soluble chemical sunscreen absorbers are included, (Non-Paba) to assure continuous protection.

To enhance Total Block's protective capabilities, six antioxidants and trace elements have been added. A Vitamin C derivative, two forms of Vitamin E derivatives, along with Maritime Pine bark extract are included to counteract free-radical damage and increase protection against acute oxidation damage.

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