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PMD Personal Microderm

PMD Personal Microderm

Wish you had the time and money for professional microdermabrasion treatments? With PMD Personal Microderm you can fulfill that dream without overspending or leaving the comfort of your own home. This hand-held tool gives you the results of a professional microdermabrasion treatment and reveals younger looking skin by using the same aluminum oxide crystals found in the equipment at your doctor's office. PMD Personal Microderm was created to give consumers an effective microdermabrasion system without having to schedule an appointment at the dermatologist. You'll get the same radiant results without having to spend a fortune.

The science has been around for decades, but PMD Personal Microderm puts the results in your hands, making microdermabrasion a simple at-home procedure. Embedded in the tip of this sleek tool are the same aluminum oxide crystals used by professionals. PMD Personal Microderm gives you a younger looking complexion by diminishing age spots and other skin imperfections in a matter of weeks.

Personal Microderm Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the personal nature of this tool we do not accept returns except for malfunctions and/or mechanical failure.

NOTE: These products may NOT be returned. Please make your selections carefully.

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