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Finally - a comprehensive rejuvenation program that provides the powerful exfoliation you need, but without the irritation and dryness associated with AHA, tretinoin and other skin care products you've tried. AFA utilizes both in-office Professional Peels and an at-home Daily Regimen to achieve immediate, noticeable improvement to your skin's tone and texture.

AFA (amino acid filaggrin-based antioxidants) uses the patented technology of Acidified Amino Acid to exfoliate dead skin cells from the skin's surface, renewing skin texture and appearance. Acidified Amino Acid penetrates deep to nourish and supplement the skin's natural hydration and is a powerful antioxidant, ensuring lasting skin health.

AFA acidified amino acid enhances skin's potential:
  • AFA is a powerful exfoliant: Effectively improves the signs of photo-aging.
  • AFA promotes greater moisture retention: Increases skin elasticity.
  • AFA is a potent antioxidant: Removes damaging free radicals.
  • AFA causes minimal irritation: Can be used on a variety of skin types and sensitivity.

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